Why our products make sense

MODTAC was created by two US Army Special Forces soldiers to provide simple solutions to everyday tactical problems. We understand the job, environments, and unique demands. We also know too well the annoyances, inconveniences, and problems faced by warfighters today.

We've been there.

We've walked a mile or two in those boots. Our goal is to make your miles less painful.

Our success is your success.

We know the gear doesn't make the mission, but why not let the gear help?

Shoot. Move. Communicate.

These skills get more difficult and complex everyday. Sometimes you just need to simplify.


Suppressor Shield

Protect the operator, minimize mirage, and cool the suppressor naturally.
2″ Suppressor Shield Carbon Fiber tubes, fit a range of 1.375″ to 1.625″ suppressors.


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